Tips on Reducing Stress by Avoiding Aggressive Driving


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When it comes to maintaining affordable rates at your car insurance company one of the main things they look at is your driving record. Having an aggressive driving charge on your record will definitely increase your auto insurance premium. If you want to keep your cheap car insurance rates then follow these few tips on how to avoid your road rage tendencies and aggressive driving behaviors.

The first step of actively trying to control your road rage is to acknowledge that you have a problem with aggressive driving behavior.

A few road rage actions are:

  1. Excessive Speeding
  2. Tailgating
  3. Flashing Lights Excessively
  4. Jerky or Sudden Driving Motions
  5. Weaving In and Out of Traffic
  6. Using Vulgar and Offensive Gestures
  7. Throwing Things Out Of Your Car
  8. Cutting People Off
  9. Bumping Into Cars
  10. Actually Getting Out of Car and Threatening Others Lives

Many drivers don’t even realize they are doing these behaviors and almost lead a second persona when they are behind the wheel. It is important to fix these behaviors at an early age so it is easier to fix. If you have a friend or family member that expresses these road rage behaviors, it is important to confront them about it especially if they are endangering your life when you ride in the car with them.

Insurance Doctor of Richmond VA, the area’s leading auto insurance agency,  has been nice enough to provide us with a few pointers on how to stop your road rage behaviors and defuse aggressive driving with another person on the road.

List of Ways to Prevent Road Rage:

  1. Listen to calming music that you enjoy
  2. Only use your horn in an emergency to alert someone that you are close
  3. Never make eye contact with an angry driver
  4. Always apologize with a kind gesture or a wave if you have done something wrong to annoy or anger another driver.
  5. If someone is following too close or tailgating you, simply pull over and allow them to pass.

Make sure to imagine yourself in the other person’s care. Maybe they are on the way to the hospital for an emergency or they might have a family with children in the car. Even if this isn’t the case, road rage is never the solution.




Reducing aggressive driving can also help reduce many traffic-related casualties. A little over 2/3 ‘s of all traffic related fatalities are in result of road rage. Another great reason to avoid aggressive driving is the statistic that 37% of aggressive driving accidents involve a gun being drawn. It’s best to just be passive and try to resolve the behavior at hand. Stand down and you could possibly save your life or someone else’s.

If you feel you or someone else needs a refresher on how to drive, there are defensive driving classes that you can register for. This will not only help remind you the rules of the road and to update you with any new laws, but it can also help reduce your car insurance premiums. If you would like more information on how your can improve your driving, visit your local Richmond VA car insurance agency.


Care Options for the Elderly

care optionsElder care is becoming an increasingly hot button issue as the baby boomer generation continues to age, which rapidly changes the landscape of long term care. Presently, there are about 78 million baby boomers, which consists of those born in the U.S. between 1946 and 1964. While this generation is widely known to value social and personal independence, it is very likely that most baby boomers will have to rely on others during their later years of  life — especially when it comes to long-term health care, home care, or other services that provide assistance with basic daily activities including waking, bathing, eating, or transportation.

Elder care is the fulfillment of unique needs that are specific to seniors. While this a rather broad term, it encompasses services including in home care, assisted living, nursing homes, adult day care, and other long term care options. According to, nearly 12 million people will need long term care by the year 2020 — which is a number that will only continue to grow.

Due to the vast array of elder care facilities nationwide, coupled with different cultural perspectives and ideas on elderly citizens, care cannot be limited to any one methodology or practice. Successful elder care also seeks to maximize the independence, quality of life, and the ability to function for those undergoing long term care. This also encompasses the design of housing, activities, services, and employee training, as they should truly be customer-based.

In home care is one popular option for maximizing the independence — not to mention the long term safety — of aging patients. Rather than relocating to a nursing home or long-term care facility, many elderly adults prefer to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. This certainly makes sense, as home is typically where people feel the most comfortable and safe. Seniors Helping Seniors of Charlotte, NC is one example of an in home care service that allow seniors to live independently in their own homes. However, in home care is only a great option for those who may require only minor assistance with cooking, or daily health and wellness activities. Home care is also a great option for those who have a close network of friends or family members who live nearby, since family often plays a pivotal role in supplementing home care. Additionally, conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and arthritis may come with unique care challenges, which can — and should — be addressed with potential home care providers.

Professional care providers will typically consult with family members and the patient on their scheduling needs as well as the specific care and associated needs. This is typically followed by an in-home visit and the creation of a personalized care plan. It is important to remember that these plans are not set in stone. Tweaks and adjustments to an existing care plan are encouraged after continuous monitoring and consistent communication.

care options 2For some seniors who may experience social isolation when living at home, nursing home care may be a better option. Sometimes nursing home care is also a medical necessity, as it provides around-the-clock service, unlike home care which typically revolves around a pre-determined schedule. Outside of the hospital environment, a nursing home is typically the highest level of care for the elderly. In most facilities, a physician supervises each patient’s individual condition, and a nurse is always either available or on the premises.

While specific nursing home amenities vary from facility to facility, services typically include room and board, medication monitoring and administration, 24-hour emergency care, personal care to include bathing, dressing, and bathroom facility assistance. Most nursing home facilities also feature regular social and recreational activities such as musical programs, bingo games, and regular religious services.

Another recent trend in elder care is adult day care, which is designed to deliver companionship and care for adults who need help or supervision throughout the day. These programs are becoming more and more popular, as they provide relief to family and friends who serve as caregivers. Daily programs allow for typical day jobs, personal errands or relaxation, just as day care for children provides the same options. Day care programs typically feature a comfortable environment where socialization is virtually effortless. As you may suspect, these programs often provide a combination of exercise classes, meals, physical therapy, and various recreational events.

As the baby boomer generation enters into old age, the need for elder care services is increasing. Fortunately, there are a number of options for you and your loved ones to consider.

Children Always Come First

happy childrenWhen caring for your child, you want the very best. I take care of many young children at my daycare in Plainfield, IL and I have done my best to provide the most beneficial nutrition, hygiene, and activities for my little guys’ and gals’ well-being. They all look up to me and I don’t want to let them down so I make sure to stay up to date on all the popular children’s health topics. Today I will share to you some of greatest tips to keeping your children at the best of health and with smiling faces.

The three main things to focus on in regards to health are:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Hygiene
  3. Exercise


When trying to create a meal plan for the kids at my daycare, I make sure to introduce a little bit of everything to them. I always make sure that there is a proper amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and minerals. Make sure to work with your doctor or nutritionist to establish proper serving sizes. With every meal, I make sure that my kids get a little something from each food group. One tip I did stumble upon was to incorporate all colors within the fruit and vegetable vegetablesgroups. This ensures that they are getting all the essential vitamins they require. As a parent or caretaker, you control what comes into the house so there is no excuse that your children are eating unhealthy food.

It’s also important to still allow them some choice in what they eat. Give them selections from a few healthy options.  Also, make sure to provide snacks but make sure that they aren’t overeating. In cases where they don’t finish their meals, that is ok. Cleaning the plate is a thing of the past and can help children listen to their bodies and know when they are full. You can save their food for the next meal.

Make sure not to reward children with food or in replacement of saying that you love them. This will place more value on the foods that matter. Avoid excessive sweets and sodas, foods high in trans-fats & saturated fats, caffeine, and foods high in salt. By training them at a young age to eat healthy, you are ensuring healthy habits to carry on with them for the rest of their lives.


6 yr old at dentistMake sure that your children are always practicing proper hygiene. Teach basic practices like sneezing into your elbow pit and how to wash your hands. It’s important to wash your wrists, fingers, and beneath your fingernails to reduce harmful bacteria and mold. Brushing, flossing, and mouth washing must also be enforced daily so that they will reduce their chances of any future dental problems. Wearing clean clothes and fresh undergarments is very important to teach at a young age. Also, teaching something as simple as wiping your bum from front to back can help reduce contamination and infection. I have even started to leave wet wipes in the bathrooms for a cleaner clean.  Teaching children to properly condition their hair and skin will also help them throughout the rest of their lives.


kids hula hoopingExercise is very important at our daycare and I have incorporated it by using fun activities and games that everyone can play together. Every week we allow our kids at the child care to choose some of their favorite activities and games. Every now and again I introduce something new that will help them improve upon other functions of their bodies. For example, one day I may teach them how to play soccer to work different muscles while another day we might play tug of war or dodge ball. We also teach our children how the mechanics of their body works with every activity so they can understand it from a different perspective. By making exercise fun, you can create healthy long term habits.

Consult Your Doctor First

Always before planning your child’s health routine, make sure you talk to a doctor first. They will make sure that your kids are able to do the activities you pick out and that the food they are eating will be right for them. If you do find that your family may be struggling with obesity, make sure to seek assistance with a nutritionist that can help create an effective meal plan and exercise routine.

How To Keep Your Dog Healthy

I reside in the wonderful city of Richmond VA and I wanted to seek out help from the internet and great veterinarian clinics around the area on how I can most efficiently sustain the health of fitness dogmy jack russel, Mr. Vader. He is a very loving pup packed full of immense amounts of energy. Every morning I wake up to a wagging tail and a slobbering tongue across my face, which I fudgin’ love waking up to. He means everything to me and I would do anything to help that little bugger out. Below I have provided some information on how anyone can help improve the health of your dog.

Be Aware of Their Diet

Unfortunately, dog foods do not have the same regulations that human food has. The proteins that are in many generic foods could be from animals that have long been dead or euthanized. They could contain the intestines, beaks, or bones of these dead or dying animals as well. It’s important to read the ingredients and look for vegetables and meat opposed to rice, soy, grains, barley, and wheat. Also try to avoid at all cost food with dyes and artificial flavors and chemicals, especially BHA and BHT preservatives. Also make sure their water bowl is always filled to allow them to be hydrated. If there is any confusion, make sure to seek nutritional guidance from your local Richmond veterinarian hospital.

Proper Hygiene

This is a must. Make sure that your puppy’s nails are cut to an appropriate length. Cutting too deep into the area known as the “quick” will be painful for your dog and may start to bleed. If your dog isn’t accustomed to getting his or her nails cut, then do one or two at a time with breaks in between.  Ensure that your dog’s ears are clean from debris and dirt as well. You can use a soft tissue with certified ear cleaning products but make sure to avoid ones with alcohol as to avoid the drying of their skin. One thing that many dog owners neglect is brushing your dog’s teeth. It should be done every day with certified dog toothpaste.  Denta-bones are also a good idea to reduce the buildup of tartar.

Scheduled Vet Check-ups

Make sure to always have an appointment for your canine’s next veterinarian check-up. It’s vital that they receive the proper vaccinations and care needed to maintain a healthy life style. Heart worm medication and flea medication is also recommended.

Regular Exercise and Socialization

Having a good 40 minutes a day or more to play and run around is very important for your dog’s physical and mental health. Being cooped up inside all day can cause them to become over weight and even depressed. Also socializing with other dogs is also healthy for their mental state and to manage any behavioral that one may be having. There are many local Richmond Dog parks that you can take you loved ones.


Heathy Living with Senior Care

As your loved ones get older, a stronger focus is geared towards their health and longevity. It may be even harder on you to help out if you live far away from the West Phoenix or Sun City AZ area and can’t travel to provide adequate senior care. If you find yourself in a situation like this it is usually best to seek assistance from a professional home care service like Seniors Helping Seniors (SHS) or another local provider.

Old Man in need of Senior care

The benefits from a company like this can change your whole life around. They perform the tasks that your elderly loved ones and you can’t do for whatever reasoning. Your parents or grand-parents may be too disabled to get up and go to the doctors but with the help of a dependable elderly care service it is now possible. They may not be able to prepare themselves a well-balanced nutritional meal but with SHS West Phoenix around there is always a fresh hot dinner waiting for you. If there is a growing weed problem and an over grown lawn…no need to stress….SHS is here to impress. Whatever the problem your loved one is challenged with; these folks can help get it done.

As my father got older, I found it hard and stressful for myself to cope with all the pressures that came with taking care of him. I loved him very much but it’s hard to make a decent living and give him the love and senior care that he needed and deserved. He is now gone from this life but I will never forget the positive impact that Seniors Helping Seniors gave to him. His home care assistant, whom I will leave anonymous, was always there when my grandfather needed him. He would remind him to take all of his medications, drive him to his weekly Lion’s Club meetings, and even sit down for a compelling game of chess. Over the years they became good friends and my father and I both considered him family. A bond was formed between them that allowed my dad to enjoy the latter years of his life. Without SHS I’m sure things would have been a lot harder.

If we had to do this all again I’m positive that pops would be on board and when my time comes I hope that I would receive the same Senior care that my father got from Seniors Helping Seniors in West Phoenix.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy In Cold Weather

If you own a dog, you already know that winter can take you out of your normal, healthy routine. Shorter days mean less daylight after work. Cold, inclement weather can keep you and your buddy indoors when you’d rather be out. These factors add up to a dog that’s not getting his usual allotment of exercise, and one that’s maybe gaining an unwanted pound or two over the course of the winter.

Let’s take a look at some things you can do to keep your dog fit, healthy, and happy all winter long.

If you haven’t taken your dog in for an exam lately, it’s a good idea to get one before winter arrives. Cold can place extra stress on dogs with health conditions. Arthritis, for example, can be worsened by the cold. Some common diseases, such as diabetes or heart disease, can compromise your dog’s ability to deal with the cold. My local veterinarian, Wellesley Animal Hospital, gave my dog a clean bill of health and a green light to spend time outside on the cold.

Of course, going outside in the cold isn’t always easy to do – especially when the inside is so warm and cozy. Just remember that exercise is good for both you and your buddy, and commit to dealing with the cold a little each day. Dress warmly enough to be comfortable for the duration of a walk or some playful activity, and you might find that the cold isn’t so bad.

Just don’t forget that your dog can get cold, too. Does your dog feel inclined to stay inside on chilly days? If you have to bundle up to stay warm, chances are your dog’s fur coat isn’t enough to keep him warm either. Invest in a coat or a sweater for your dog, and see if that increases his enthusiasm for cold weather activity.

Perhaps you’ve marveled at the toughness of a dog’s paws, and how well they can navigate different terrain and changing seasons. As wonderful as they are, a dog’s paws are not immune to the effects of cold. If your dog is spending lengths of time in very cold conditions, his paws could be susceptible to drying, cracking, and perhaps even frostbite.

If you have to contend with snow and ice, you can help keep those paws in good shape by keeping them well-trimmed. Less fur on the paws (and between the pads) means less opportunity for ice to collect. You should also inspect your dog’s paws regularly; if you see any drying or cracking, soothe those paws with an application of balm. You should be able to find some balm for dogs at your local pet store or here at Amazon. Is it really cold where you live? Consider getting some boots for your dog.

When snow and ice arrive in your neighborhood, you and your buddy need to take extra care. Of course you’ll want to avoid slips and falls, but you’ll also want to avoid areas treated with salt. If you and your buddy walk through salt-treated areas, make sure to rinse off your dog’s paws as soon as you return inside. This will keep your dog from ingesting the salt, which is bad for him, and it will also reduce the chance that his winter-sensitive paws are irritated.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that what you’re feeding your dog is appropriate to his activity level. Dogs generally spend less energy over the winter – in addition to exercising less, they often sleep more. If you suspect that your dog doesn’t burn the same amount of calories in the winter, consider cutting back a little bit on meal portions or treats. If you don’t, you may find that your dog gains some winter weight even if his diet is unchanged.

Avoid Windshield Damage and Stay Safe This Winter

According to the calendar, winter will be arriving in less than a week, but it always feels like it arrives earlier than that. Cold weather is already here in Maine and already increasing the stress on your windshield. You can’t do anything about the weather, you can take action to help your windshield – and keep you and your family safe – this winter.

Winter Cold and Moisture

The frigid temperatures we experience each winter add to the stresses placed on your windshield. Swings in temperature cause your windshield to expand (in the cold) and contract (in the heat). This movement is complicated further every time you run your heater full-blast, creating a big variance between the warm air inside your cabin and the cold air outside. Even the small degree of movement created by these variances might be enough to cause a tiny crack.

Winters are especially cruel to windshields with imperfections like chips or cracks. Water seeps into these cracks, and then expands as it freezes; this pushes outward on the inner walls of the imperfection, causing it to grow. This cycle repeats itself every time moisture freezes, pushing apart chips and cracks until a little imperfection becomes something that can compromise your safety.

If you’ve got an imperfection in your windshield, you should always have professional windshield technicians repair it before it has a chance to grow. In winter, that timing is more critical than ever. You’ll also want to do everything you can to protect to keep moisture from soaking into the imperfection; aside from keeping your car garaged, clear packing tape is your best option.

Rocks and Gravel

Sometimes your windshield gets hit with small rocks and pieces of gravel – no matter how careful you are, that’s just part of driving on Maine’s roads. But when it comes to avoiding harmful windshield impacts, a few safe driving habits can go a long way.

For one thing, don’t tailgate. The closer you are to the vehicle in front of you, the more likely your windshield will be damaged by the debris its tires kick up; you’ll want to give large trucks an especially wide berth. From personal experience, I can say that you won’t want to follow a dump truck; they may be carrying rocks or gravel that can bounce out of the back of the truck and right into your vehicle.

I made that mistake once, and that mistake resulted in a severely cracked windshield.

Pay special attention to any signs warning you to stay well behind a particular vehicle, and heed their instruction. These vehicles are more likely to disperse rocks and stones, and damage your windshield. If heavy traffic makes granting extra space difficult, let another car fill that space for you.

Be Safe and Don’t Delay

When your windshield needs a repair, get it done right away. Most insurance companies will pay the full cost of a repair, so you have no financial incentive to wait. And if you do, that damage may grow to the point where it can no longer be repaired; you’ll have to get a replacement windshield – and that’s something that will cost you some money.

Waiting to repair can also compromise your safety. A damaged windshield may hinder your view of the road around you, and it is also less likely to protect you in a crash. Instead, act quickly and choose to keep you and your family safe this winter – you’ll never regret it.

Getting the Right Treatment for Back Pain

Back pain is something that many of us will experience at one point in time or another, despite our best efforts to avoid the health complication all together. When you finally do rupture a disc in your back, or develop a more serious spinal disorder, then it’s important to know where to turn for treatment as soon as possible for the sake of relieving the pain. For those of you that are living in Richmond, I’ve compiled some resources to help you figure out the next step of finding a specialist that is right for you.

What’s Wrong?

One of the first things you should do is attempt to figure out what’s wrong – that is, what did you do to your back to cause the pain and how long has it been developing. If you can pinpoint an event that may have triggered it – perhaps a physical activity, lifting a heavy object, or a particularly restless night of sleep that may mark the beginning of the symptoms you have. Knowing exactly what caused the pain may be difficult to figure out if not impossible all together, but on the off chance that you do figure it out, you’ll be thankful as it will make the road to recovery smoother. Some of the common causes of back pain are rupture (herniated) discs, or underlying spinal disorders such as spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis.

Who to Turn To

Once you have collected as much information about your onset of back pain, it’s time to figure just who to turn to for the treatment that will relieve it. In Richmond there are many options, and would useful resource is to take a look at some of the past top doc winners from Richmond Magazine. Some other notable sources here in Richmond Virginia include:


My advice is to do some homework on the doctors and practices out there that specialize in providing spinal surgery and treatments to figure out which is the perfect fit for you. Once you have that figured out, make an appointment and start working with your specialist towards a pain free life.

Healthy Drinking Water

Safe Drinking WaterWe take great strides in trying to keep ourselves healthy by exercising, eating righting, and not having any bad habits like smoking. One staple item of keeping a healthy body is by staying hydrated and drinking a large amount of water. Unlike other countries around the world, the United States has very safe tap water. Federal and State government have certain regulations that require monitoring the quality of the tap water. Even certain cities like Tampa Bay take a big part in monitoring their citizen’s drinking water and provide water quality reports for the Tampa Bay Citizens. With constant examination of the water organizations can identify problems quickly and warn their citizens of harmful substances in the water.

Dirty Drinking WaterThere are many different bacteria that could enter into your drinking water and you want to make sure that it will not affect your health. Although the water leaving the water treatment plant is safe to drink it has to pass a large system of pipes before reaching your faucet. During this travel it encounters large amounts of bacteria or other harmful materials. One way to make sure this never happens is by reading the water quality reports that your state government provides every month. If this seems like too much work for your busy schedule then don’t drink any more tap water. Bottled water is very inexpensive in bulk purchases and is generally safer than the tap water in most homes.

If you are unsure of the materials inside of your pipes then I would suggest contacting a professional plumber in the Tampa area to examine your plumbing. Mr. Rooter is a very professional franchise and is experienced in all things plumbing. Their technicians will be able to examine inside of your pipes and make sure that there is not anything contaminating your drinking water. Until your get your plumbing system checked you can purchase filter pitchers or a filter that attaches to your water faucet. By maintaining the health of your drinking water you will be directly affecting the overall health of your body. You can trust drinking healthy water will greatly improve your health and prevent you from getting sick.

The Importance of Seeing a Specialist

Sometimes, the pains in our body are difficult to diagnose on the first try. It may take a series of visits from different doctors to diagnose pain. Although it is inconvenient for you, seeing multiple specialists is the best way to narrow down a set of symptoms.

For unexplained hip or knee pain, visit a specialist at For unexplained stomach pains, see a gastroenterologist. For any bone related injuries or complications, see an orthopedist. There is always a specialist who relates to the area where you are having discomfort. If you aren’t sure which specialist you need to see, visit a general practice first and get a referral to the next specialist in line to find your problem.

It can be stressful dealing with an unexplained issue. When countless x-rays and scans do not show a problem, you can be discouraged that you will ever have a diagnosis. You may take it into your own hands to research countless disorders on the internet and try to find a diagnosis for all of your symptoms.

In these situations, find a practice where the doctors have relationships with other practices. A doctor who consults with others and does his own research to solve your problems is most likely to find the correct treatment. Call doctors’ offices or research online to see if this is a part of an organization’s practices. If they collaborate with other doctors, it is something that they will likely be proud of and explain to any prospective patient.